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2013-08-25 21:29:10 by BrianSadler

A few years ago I was on Newgrounds as "Sadlersongs" and I decided to leave because I started to hate Newgrounds and all of the selfish people that post music on this site. I was mad because I would post a song that was something more than techno music, mindless loops with no substance to them. Then people would give my songs a 0 rating just so their own would stay on top. But now I've realized that these people aren't classical composers, they aren't going to school for music composition. They're just having fun! Like me! I write for fun and because it gives me joy and satisfaction. So if people want to give other people shitty votes just for their own self promotion then that's fine. I'm not here to compete with other musicians. I'm here to share my music and to get opportunities to write more. So in the future enjoy my music and I'll try to post something new every week.


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2013-08-28 08:06:19

I know what you mean. I also had doubts if i should leave and go to another plattform. In the beginning my tracks received really good votings, but after a while when my tracks got better and people began to like them even more i was permanentely zerobombed. Now it seems to be impossible to compose something which isnt below 4 stars after 1 or 2 days and the zeros repeat every 24 hours ... quite annoying. The score itself isnt important, but if you invest lots of time in a piece and after a few zeros noone listens to the track anymore and you wont get feedback etc ... i think thats whats so disappointing ...

Hope your music will be well received and you will get lots of fans soon!


2013-09-23 15:11:50

Very true! Great job


2013-09-23 17:53:25

I personally think newgrounds needs to change how much a zero affects a piece. Rate a "5" on something, and it hardly changes the score, but vote a zero on something, and "WEEEEEE" it is sent to the pits of despairrrr. I think the majority of songs on here should never receive a zero, but what can you do? There are stupid people, jealous people, and the like. It's hard when a minority ruins so much. I get really frustrated and at times and just want to leave this site... but then again, I think that there are actually people out there that enjoy and love my music, so I want to make them happy just for a couple minutes with my music. Anyway, I'm happy to see you back! :) I ADORE your music! It's so fantastic and inspiring!


2013-09-24 12:57:51

Well said!


2013-09-27 15:19:37

You would have more recognition and fans if you communicated with the community more. You have no reviews, you do not respond to other people when they review your music, and you have only one post in the forums.

On Newgrounds, it's more than just submitting music. You have to put in extra effort and spend time with the community if you want to get anywhere. Zero voters are irrelevant if you have a good reputation with people. Also, remember who the King of the Audio Portal is -- me.

Do these things, and you will become a Newgrounds phenomenon. You will become viral.

BrianSadler responds:

Thanks for the tips! You truly are the master!


2013-10-03 14:22:05

I agree with bosa. All u need tk do is rant on the fourums for a few hours and people will go to your page. I don't like that the fourums are a completely different place then the actual content of the site. Ps if its just for fun then who cares if u get some 0's! XD and i dont even care when i get 0's cus i state that most of my crap takes me like 15 minutes! Time yourself so that your effert is and price is as much as the shit you expect because doing it quick might help you get better. Practice practice practice. Whatever it is you do.